Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Boys

Mr. Cole has started smiling all the time...well, when he is not crying or eating or sleeping! He has the sweetest, biggest, most infectious smile. It doesn't matter if he woke up to eat every three hours the night before (note: a 12 week old baby, according to my many resources, should be sleeping 8 hours at a time during the night), when he shows me that toothless grin, I can't help but forgive him and forget the lack of sleep.

I was talking to a few other teachers at lunch yesterday about being a mom. It is still shocking to me that I am one. I looked at Mia the other day, and could not believe that such a lively, precious individual was my daughter. I can't adequately articulate my emotions. I could literally spend hours just looking at Baby Cole's sweet face. And when I talk to other mothers, I know they understand. It is like a whole new part of me was born when my kids were born. I love my husband, but now I love him even more - since we have created two amazing children. And the mama bear protective instinct becomes instantly fine tuned once that new baby utters his or her first cry. What? You want to touch my miracle? Go bathe in hand sanitizer first, and then I will consider it.

And as I look at my 140 teenage students, I can't help but wonder what Mia and Cole will be like in 12-14 years. I can only hope that they are as mature, kind, caring, and selfless as many of the kids I see each day. Because teaching today's teenagers really does give me hope and reassurance that we are still living in a wonderful world.

Oh, and by the way, Baby Boys are FABULOUS! And I can see why mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws often do not get along. :)