Friday, August 29, 2008


Well, it has been an absolutely insane couple of weeks. I started my new job, and as with all new jobs, there are good and bad things. The good things are that I work with some really wonderful people, I am close to my kids (in a very literal sense), and I am growing to love all the other preschool kids. The bad things...well, they are just going to take some time to work out.

In the course of my first two weeks of school, I have hired three teachers and fired (sort of) one of those three. She didn't show, so I take it she was quitting anyway. It was a blessing, believe me! I have helped more children use the bathroom that I have ever thought I would help. And I mean really help. I have rubbed backs and patted heads, in an attempt to help sleepy babies take their naps. I have answered a million calls and emails - most of which amount to nothing. And I have conducted a fire and tornado drill - a difficult feat with 40ish children under the age of 5.

But I have also peeked in on Mia while she is in class, playing and oblivious to my watching. I have hugged and kissed her many times - in fact, every time I see her in the hall or outside. I have fed Coley everyday. I have rocked him to sleep and sat on the floor playing with him. And those things make it more than worth it.

Some other recent happenings...
1 - Mia started dance class. I will post pictures soon. But she is really enjoying it and I am too. She is taking from my dance teacher, which is pretty neat.
2 - Cole is sitting up alone. He loves for me to turn his tub of toys sideways so he can just dig in.
3 - Cole is almost crawling. He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth.
4 - Mia is singing all the time. Some of her favorite songs are "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid and "Mama Mia" from the movie. She also sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with a twist...
Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily life is butter dream.
It makes me laugh every single time.

That's about all from us! I am so looking forward to the long weekend. Happy Labor Day!

Friday, August 8, 2008

My Boy

Coley is growing so fast that I can hardly stand it. He is so sweet and so happy...unless he is tired. But we are (finally) getting the hang of naptimes. Some of those naps are even in his bed! :) He is almost sitting up on his own and he desperately wants to crawl. He is getting pretty good at rolling wherever he wants to go.

Look at that belly! Seriously, he is a solid guy and getting so heavy. At six and a half months, he weighs almost as much as Mia weighed at one year.

And here's a classic paci face.

Napping in the swing with Cookie Monster. C00kie is dressed as a bunny - it was for Easter.

My two favorite guys, hanging out at Uncle Kenny's pool.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So I am borrowing from zumthemum when I say that life is NUTTY these days! And in order to keep all my (3) readers happy, I want to let you know what's happening at the Posey home. :)

I am transitioning into my new job as a preschool Director. I think it will be wonderful once I get the hang of it all. Like any new job, it is overwhelming and stressful right now...especially since I need to hire three teachers by next week! But I am so excited about the year getting started and getting into our new normal.

With that, it is also so weird to not be going back to teaching. It was a little sad when I cleaned out my room. I will miss the kids and the other teachers. But this is a new opportunity, and I am completely embracing it!

This past weekend, our upstairs AC went out. Of course, it happened on Saturday afternoon. So, Saturday night was an adventure with Cole sleeping in the pack-n-play in the computer room, and Mia sleeping in bed with us. Coley did great, but Mia did not settle until almost midnight. Sunday night was worse. Cole woke up at 1 am, and would not go back to sleep. We had only been asleep for about an hour when he awakened, so 3 am brought all four Poseys in one bed. Yep - we slept like that until about 8 am. Thankfully, the AC was fixed on Monday and we resumed our regular sleeping locations. :)

And now, it is Wednesday night...a little bittersweet because it is the last Wednesday night of SYTYCD! And tomorrow is the finale! What am I going to do when it is over?!?!?! We do have tickets to the tour, but that is not until October. I am just so in love with that show!

So, I hope life settles a little bit. I am sure it will.