Monday, September 22, 2008

Thirty-five Things (You Never Cared to Know)

1. I have a paralyzing fear of arachnids. I can't even type the specific name.

2. I wanted DeAnna to choose Jason.

3. I can still kick my face. Did it recently, and was very sore the next day.

4. I don't like steak.

5. Although I had fun in high school and college, it was nothing compared to the joy in my life right now.

6. I procrastinate.

7. I like sugar and cream with a little bit of coffee in the mornings.

8. Aside from my family (and not all of my family), there are only 2 people with whom I can completely be myself.

9. I do not cuss.

10. I get angry at smokers.

11. I tip well...usually.

12. I am insecure around new people.

13. I love to shop for my kids.

14. I can sing the entire intro song to Max and Ruby.

15. I wanted Will to win, and Katee to be runner-up. So, Joshua was a disappointment to me.

16. I am obsessive about having my nails painted. Since Coley has come along, that often doesn't happen as much as I want it to, and it drives me nuts!

17. I love to read.

18. I judge people. And I know that I shouldn't, but I do.

19. I do not think I am good with kids in general. I do OK with mine, however.

20. I know that I should want to exercise, but I don't want to.

21. I like to be in charge. I am a self-proclaimed "Bossy Pants."

22. I would go to Starbucks everyday if I could.

23. I am pretty darn excited for Thursday - the prospect of a new Office and a new Grey's makes me smile.

24. I prefer to write in a calendar as opposed to using my phone's calendar.

25. My favorite food is Italian.

26. I have never liked my legs.

27. I can hardly remember my life six years ago.

28. Medication works too well on me (unrelated to the fact that I can hardly remember my life six years ago - I am talking about small-time stuff like Tylenol PM or cold medicine).

29. I believe that a kidney stone is more painful than labor (with an epideral, mind you).

30. I hate buying/wearing jeans.

31. I cry at almost every episode of Grey's Anatomy and ER. And at almost every novel I read.

32. I tend to over-commit.

33. I want to read the bible, but I am overwhelmed. (I hope my devotion book will help with that feeling.)

34. I don't know how anyone could not believe in God after experiencing the miracle of children.

35. I am happy - genuinely happy.