Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Hugger, I Am Not

I am not a good hugger. And, all of my life I have been surrounded by hugging situations - Drill Teams are full of girls who like to hug. And it is not that I don't like a good hug, it is just that I am no good at it. At Kilgore, my friends recognized my weaknesses and attempted to help me learn how to hug well. And, today I have a few friends who I feel like I can hug un-awkwardly - but mostly because they know I am not a hugger and they compensate for my inabilities. Usually I end up giving one of those weird side-hugs, that are void of any true hug qualities. The majority of the people who receive hugs from me probably leave wondering why I hugged them in the first place. I know that I over-think hugs. I wonder where to put my arms and how hard to squeeze. And there are times when I know a hug is a good idea, but I just can't bring myself to initiate. I will return them happily, but rarely initiate them.


Lauren said...

Interesting. I have another friend who is the same way. For whatever reason, it's not right or wrong. The first time she initiated a hug I knew it was special. Knowing that it's weird for her takes away the awkwardness.

drbaucom said...

Do you remember Carrie Chandler's hugging problem? She didn't like to hug, either, so her mother made her hug five people a day or something like that. She said she didn't like squishing her boobs against people.

I am a hugger. I'm probably one of those people who makes others feel awkward with their hugs because my philosophy is when in doubt, hug it out. I'll be sure and give you one next time I see you. :)

zum the mum said...

Okay, I'm giggling big time at this post. Your hugging phobia is one of the things I love most about you. It's what makes!

I'm gonna keep giving/receiving awkward hugs for as long as I can. It's what makes!!!

Miss you.

Michele said...

Ok, that's it, next time I see you I'm giving you BIG hug! ;)

Erin said...

Oh friend. This is a funny post. Now I really need to find that jump into your arms hug picture. Were you totally freaking out when I did that? :)
I love you! And wish I could give you a squeeze.

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