Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Coley!

My most special baby boy,

I seriously can't believe that you are one year old today. I vividly remember being pregnant with you. I remember going to the hospital three times, and finally staying. You were anxious, yet cautious. You finally made your appearance 14 hours after Daddy and I arrived at the hospital. And, from the first moment that we met you, you were absolutely perfect.

When we came home from the hospital and began life as a family of four, it was not easy. You liked to eat, and you were ready for a meal every two and a half to three hours. But I secretly loved those nights - waking up, feeding you, and watching DVR'd "John and Kate Plus Eight" episodes. You would usually go back to sleep immediately afterwards - in the computer room! We set up your pack-n-play in there until you were sleeping longer nights (about 4 months). When you were 9 weeks old, I had to go back to work. But, I knew that the new job was a possibility, so that got me through the two last months of school. Then, it was summertime, and we had tons of fun everyday. As you got older and interacted more, it was obvious that you were a good-natured, laid-back guy. Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t like to get your way.

When you were six months old, I started my new job and got to take you with me everyday. I know how blessed I am to get to do that. I think that Mia is a little more independent than you are because she had to separate from me when she was 6 months old. You don’t have to! And, you haven’t!!!

Some favorites of yours:
1. Your sister – you stare at her and grab for her and want to be playing with her all the time
2. Your Daddy – you love it when he is around and you constantly babble “Dada” – now you may not want him to hold you, but you definitely like him around
3. Toys that you can chew on – EVERYTHING goes into your mouth
4. The kitchen play set – it entertains you frequently
5. Jewelry – you love it when I wear earrings, and you fiddle with my wedding ring each night when you are falling asleep
6. Bath time – you love to play in the tub
7. Watching the dogs – they make you laugh
8. Climbing the stairs – the first time I realized this, you were six stairs up and I almost had a heart attack

Some un-favorites:
1. Baby food – you pretty much survive on a liquid diet…and it is not that we haven’t tried
2. Prevention from getting your way – if I take something away from you, you will bury your head in the ground and cry
3. Getting dressed or having a diaper change – you can’t sit still for that long
4. Teething – not that this is a favorite of any baby, but you really hate those mean teeth as they make their way out

Overall, this past year has been painfully quick, and I feel like you were just in my arms as a newborn. However, it also feels like I have known you forever, as you complete our family and fill in spaces that I didn’t even know existed. I love you, and I love our mother-son bond. Happy Birthday, Cole David. Thank you for being my son.

Love, Mommy


zum the mum said...

A little misty-eyed...

Happy Birthday, Coley! You are a blessing to all of us.

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Cole!

drbaucom said...

My gosh, a year old! I remember that time very well. Lauren and I were nervously watching as you and Zum got closer and closer, knowing at any moment, you'd leave us! it all worked out in the end, though.

I'm so happy for you and your little family!

Kelli said...

I know this is belated but...Happy Birthday, Cole! Such a beautiful letter, Kristi. :)

Anonymous said...

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